Loop challenge is my weekly social media challenge where I write as many songs as I can each Friday to the music you send me. All producers & music makers are welcome, regardless of skill level or genre. Successful submissions will be written to and shared on social media.

For official collab requests, please email: info@tiandaland.com


Thanks for submitting!


What happens to the song after it is released and posted on social media?

Once a song is posted, feel free to share it across your socials - this helps with social media growth for both of us and shows off what can be done with your instrumental. The goal is to get more artists interested in your work. At this point the submission is completed and you are welcome to submit again as frequently as you like. 

Where can I hear the previous loop challenge songs?

Songs from previous loop challenges can be found in my instagram story highlights. 

Can we release the song commercially? 

Only some loop challenge songs will be selected for commercial release. This is typically determined by fan engagement / reactions to the songs. If your song is selected for commercial release, I will reach out directly to iron out the details. 


Does submitting give you rights to use my beat? What does this mean for exclusivity / commercial release?

Submitting a beat only authorizes me to record to it and share it on social media. It does not give me the right to use / release your beat commercially and it does not grant me exclusive rights to the beat. 

I already sent you a beat. Did you listen to it?

I listen to 100% of the beats I receive. Due to submission volumes, I am not able to write to every single beat I receive. If I listen to your beat and do not get inspiration one week for a song, I save the beats and revisit each week when selecting new submissions to write to. I try to remain mindful of submitters and write to at least one thing from everybody- you can increase your chances of being selected by ensuring to include your social media info & sending multiple options. 

How can I increase my chances of being selected?

  • Name your beats. Any names help, even human ones- haha. 

  • Make sure to leave some space for me. If there is no space in the beat, it can be difficult to write. 

  • My favourite genres are hip hop, trap, RnB, singer-songwriter, pop and chillwave. 

  • I love loops that are just piano and guitar. Sometimes this can be the best way to start something. 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out on socials or email loopchallenge@tiandaland.com