I’m Tianda. I’m an empath, a dreamer, and a major label once told me my songs are too deep. These days,  I’m calling myself a singer, songwriter, producer, and visual artist. I’ve been described by my fans as ‘Billie Eilish and Tash Sultana’s lovechild.' I’m inspired by nature and vulnerability, and I’ve always listened to music for the words so that’s where I start when I write mine. 


When you hear my songs, you’re not hearing the level of music I was able to afford, or an extensive network of songwriters, session players, and big studios and producers. You’re hearing what I was able to do with my own two hands in my apartment. I started writing songs in grade 2 by listening to my favourite CD’s and writing the lyrics down word for word. I quickly realized I could write my own words, and taught myself to play guitar and piano by ear. 


Some of you might remember me from YTV’s ‘The Next Star,’ - a Canadian TV show I auditioned for - and won, when I was 15. I had the opportunity to share the stage with Justin Bieber and release music with Universal. When I got to the studio, I was told listeners ‘wouldn’t get’ my songwriting and writers were brought in to do it for me. 


I disappeared for a while but I never stopped writing. Eventually, I learned how to record myself in Garageband, and then my laptop turned into a full-fledged home studio. Using the power of the internet I learned how to produce my own music. I released my first few songs in 2020, reclaiming my name as ‘Tianda’ and gaining over 200,000 streams across platforms while I made my debut album entirely during quarantine. 


‘Bounced in Place’ is what you do when you’re producing music and you don’t want a piece of music to move or change. ‘Stuck’ is what I felt last year, and this is where my soul went when I was locked in my apartment alone for months and all I could do to escape was write music.


I cried a lot while making this EP. Sometimes because of my feelings, sometimes because my self doubt ate me alive and I wasn’t sure if I’d ever finish it. I asked myself over and over again if I really wanted to tell these stories. What people might think if they heard them. If people would even care enough to want to hear them. Lucky for me, when I didn’t believe in myself, my fans believed in me and pushed me through every step of the way. ‘Bounced in Place’ taught me that my vulnerability is my strength. It is cathartic to expose your wounds so you can heal them. Sharing our stories helps us learn and makes us stronger. Throughout history, humans have kept each other alive by telling stories. I tell mine through music. 


I hope you can feel me laugh and cry and learn and grow in every note, in every strum, in every melody- because that’s what I did. And if you’re reading this, thank you for everything. 

Bounced in Place - out now.

With love


- T